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Writing 101: How to write a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essays do exactly what they say. They compare and contrast topics from various viewpoints, determining similarities and differences between the topics. Usually, the topics belong to the same category. For example, you will be asked to write a compare and contrast essay on two beverages or two tourist destinations in the same […]

11 Practical Self-Improvement Tips

A student’s life is full of education and studies and academics, which becomes their priority. But their parents and teachers want them to have a holistic development. They strive to teach good habits and good manners in them from a very early age. These students will move on to professional life and in this world, […]

Benefits of Studying Past Exam Papers

Examinations are always stressful to students and they feel the tension just thinking about it. Their anxiety can make them miss out on instructions given in the paper. This is why practicing past paper questions becomes very helpful. It decreases the student’s stress and anxiety and lessens the tension because then the student has an […]

Pathetic Fallacy in Literature: Definition & Examples

A very interesting figure of speech is when human characteristics are given to non-human objects. The result is a catchy and emotional phrase, also known as Pathetic Fallacy. Curiously, here pathetic does not have a negative intonation as would be assumed. It defers from personification in the way that a non-living object is compared to […]

Ten ways to prevent yourself from being outcaste in college

Jackson believes himself as a student who nobody remembers, a student who disappears into the crowd or someone who doesn’t exist. He is someone who walks through the hallway all alone or usually sitting alone at the tables, a student that no one remembers. Every now and then, people usually forget his name, even his […]