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Guidelines of Writing an Expository Essay

Have you ever been through a situation where you are already short on time and also given the assignment to write an expository essay? How often do you struggle with producing this particular type of essay? Well, if writing an expository essay is similar to be in hot water, then you have come to the […]

Scholarship Essay: Essay on Why Am I Deserving of a Scholarship

Given any point of view, it becomes relatively difficult for individuals to speak or write about their personal experiences, their personal ambitions, and their nurtured dreams, as it is a very personal part of them, which they have sought to achieve for the longest time. A befitting essay needs to comprise of an appreciative, humble […]

Process Paper Topics

The landscape of process paper writing is quite intricate, as it entails describing to a person how something is done or how something occurs. It typically consists of a progressive narrative, as the narrative progresses in stages, phases, and steps, whereby the process of a result is explicated comprehensively. A process paper usually has two […]

Essay Writing Contest For High School and College Students

In any given sphere, competition is bound to thrive, it is bound to foster, and it is bound to make its inroads. However, rather than getting too wound up in trivial matters, individuals should focus on making smart and pragmatic decisions, as centering one’s attention on their skill set is of paramount importance. To win […]

Best Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

Every sort of writing demands a different sort of understanding and skillset, as the writer is supposed to mould their writing according to the contextual landscape of the essay. An argumentative essay, in particular, necessitates an individual to thoroughly investigate any given topic or subject matter, collect and gather evidence, and cement a certain vantage […]