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Top 100+ Unique Topics For Informative Speech

Sweaty palms, jittery legs and a racing heart, these are the conditions you face when you have to deliver an impromptu speech in front of an audience. You receive the topic ten minutes before they call your name and ask you to impress the crowd with your knowledge and power to convince. All the facts […]

Tell Your Story- How To Write An Autobiography With Helpful Examples

Does the idea of being forgotten after you leave the world, bother you? If yes, then writing an autobiography is your solution. One way of always being remembered in the world is to leave a piece of writing behind to ensure that your family and friends remember you when you’re gone.   A common misconception […]

Prose Vs. Verse: An Overview

If you are an avid reader, you must have come across a novel that kept you hooked all night. A novel that persuaded you to pull an all-nighter so that you could reach to its end. Those kinds of literature are the writer’s masterpieces that draw deep emotions from us and make us feel connected. […]

100 Satirical Essay Topics

Being a college student is very easy. You just have to adhere to all the campus norms, stay awake for all 120 nights, survive on caffeine, deal with your disorganised roommate, sacrifice your firstborn to the devil and walk on fire if your professors ask you to. So what’s the fuss about college then? If […]

How To Write A Drama Essay?

Writing an essay is a boring job unless the essay belongs to the drama domain. In this type of essay, other than evaluating one’s grip on grammatical rules, creativity is also tested, which sets it apart from the other forms of essay writing. It requires the student to adopt a critical approach and analyse how […]