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How to Write An A-Level History Essay Structure

A major part of your A-level history coursework includes writing essays. While an essay essentially informs a reader about a certain topic, it is more than just writing all the information. So, examiners, especially during the A-levels, tend to focus on tricky things or skills like how well you have responded to the question, analysed […]

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

Critical analysis essays are quite tricky to master compared to other types of write-ups. However, with the right approach, you can master the art of writing a critical essay. To attempt this subjective and analytical manuscript, you need to exercise your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. While it may sound challenging, you can easily […]

How to Structure an Essay – Step by Step Guide

When individuals progress from high school to college and advanced level degrees, the what-used-to-be-simple essays get a little tougher. And while the basic structure remains the same as what you learned in school, the complexity of argumentative topics requires writers to follow a more detailed structure and style of writing. If you are a student […]

How to write a Descriptive Essay in 10 steps: An Easy Guide for Beginners

Learn how to write good a descriptive essay in less than 5 minutes! Beginners do not need to worry with this detailed guide of 10 steps that are super easy to follow. Wondering how to write a descriptive essay that is easy and also stands out? Writing is not an innate skill, which means anyone […]

Ten ways to prevent yourself from being outcaste in college

Jackson believes himself as a student who nobody remembers, a student who disappears into the crowd or someone who doesn’t exist. He is someone who walks through the hallway all alone or usually sitting alone at the tables, a student that no one remembers. Every now and then, people usually forget his name, even his […]