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Essay Writing Contest For High School and College Students

In any given sphere, competition is bound to thrive, it is bound to foster, and it is bound to make its inroads. However, rather than getting too wound up in trivial matters, individuals should focus on making smart and pragmatic decisions, as centering one’s attention on their skill set is of paramount importance. To win any contest, we need first to work out and assess our shortcomings, as getting a hold of them and alleviating their autonomy over us is necessary, as these are roadblocks that stop us from achieving our goals.

For this reason, when looking to figure out which pathway to take for winning your first ever writing contest, then follow through on the below-mentioned directives.

  • Think Before You Put Pen To Paper: It is quite common to find students hurrying to finish up their piece of writing, as they deem it better to empty the many ideas that prop in their mind onto paper, without thinking twice. However, through this process, they’ll realize that most of these ideas are redundant and hold no value. For this reason, before writing out your essay, take out time to comprehensively understand what the essay demands from you, as sometimes functioning hastily can fuel unfavorable circumstances to rise. Writers need to brainstorm their subject, they need to connect the dots, and they need to jot these perspectives onto paper, without stringing them together in a narrative.
  • Filter Your Concept: The landscape of writing is slightly different when writing for a contest, as several extraneous factors engage with your ability. Hence, writers must consider their sponsors, as appealing to their interest can possibly earn them a spot in the top tier of winners.
  • Hook Their Attention: The attention span of most individuals is typically constrained, as we prefer quick results. Owing to this reason, writers must captivate the interest of the reader from the get-go, as settling and immersing their interest in their narrative right from the introduction sets matters in position for the writer.
  • Communicate: The core idea is to get your perspective across to the reader while stringing together an emotional connect and weaving together a relatable anecdote. Therefore, throughout your trial period, make it a point to practice communicating your ideas as effectively and as eloquently as possible, as instability and deviation of the tonality cause the quality of the plot points to wane.
  • Linguistic Ploys: In order to win any given contest, an individual should stand apart and carve their mark. Therefore, use language tools such as alliteration, rhymes, puns etc. effectively as these elements serve the purpose of enabling your writing to seem distinctive and novel in its appeal.
  • Pay Attention To The Rules: We are quick to jump to conclusions. Thus, be attentive and thoroughly understand the rules set and stipulated by the contest, as otherwise, you can inadvertently cause your writing to be disqualified.
  • Draft: During the process of training and practicing your art, be certain to draft multiple copies of your writing. This process ensures that your narrative flows together lucidly, that your plot points transition logically and that your plot points serve the purpose they’re supposed to serve.
  • Let It Marinate: Once you’re done writing out the essay, it then becomes a necessity for the writer to gain a sense of objectivity. Thus, set aside your essay, think over it after a few hours or days, and then work on it again.
  • Refine: Once you have thought over and understood the loopholes in your writing, then work towards cleaning them away, as overcrowding the paper with too many elements will cause the attention of the readers to stray and wander away.
  • Proofread: At the end of the day, it is extremely important for writers to display their determination and diligence. Thus, proofread your paper thoroughly and remove all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors, as the presence of these elements elucidates reckless behavior.

Overall, when it comes to winning a contest, then writers should center their attention on displaying the best of their abilities, despite the circumstances that pull them down.