How To Cite An Essay In APA Format

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how to cite anything in apa format

Getting their students to cite their research papers in APA format is a popular option amongst many educationalists across the country, and certainly, they seem to have reason enough, on their parts, for appreciating the style guide that the American Psychological Association’s guide offers them.

Just for starters, the APA offers a very sparse, direct and to the point style of writing, the frugality of which suits many researchers. The style also offers a lot of rules that work together very consistently in the way that they refer to the various authoritative sources whose works have been used in writing out any material. The APA style also allows for tiered sections which help to give the whole work a more logical flow. The authority lent to your work by using the APA style also ensures that it will help readers to view the entire work as a more authoritative piece of research and literature.

Following The APA Style; What You Need To Do

To quote in-text citations in the APA format, here is what you need to do:

  • When quoting any work from any other author or source, you need to ensure that you are using in-text citations, directly after the quote.
  • These in-text citations should follow the ‘author and date’ format, in which case, they should appear in the following format:

 Name of author, Date of Publication

  • The rest of the work should be referenced at the end of the paper.
  • In-text citations should also be written in capital letters. All words that have four letters or more should begin with a capital letter. The exception is any verbs, noun and pronouns, adverbs and adjectives.

E.g: Change and Permanence

E.g: Writing In New Media: When There Is Nothing Else To Lose

With the second example though, the references section will include only the first word beginning with a capital letter.

E.g: Writing in new media: when there is nothing else to lose

  • Hyphenated words that are used in titles and that must be capitalised, should include both the words beginning with a capital letter.

E.g: Natural-Born Children

  • The first word that appears after a colon should be capitalised.

E.g: Writing In New Media: The Point When There Is Nothing Else To Lose

  • Longer titles, such as those of books, movies, television series, albums or documentaries should be differentiated from the rest of the citation. This can be done by italicising or underlining the same.
  • Quotation marks should be placed around the titles of any shorter work such as journal articles, any work such as articles from any edited collections, episode of a television series, or names of any songs.

E.g: Game of Thrones: “Valar Morghulis”

  • Short quotations of any work are also allowed, but these must be followed by a citing of the name of the author as well as the date of publication. The citation will also take into account the page number of the original work on which the quotation appears.

E.g: Jones (1998), “Students often had difficulty using APA style, especially when it was their first time” (p. 99).

The ‘p’ here denotes the page number of the work.

Of course this is just part of the whole APA style referencing process, and it can become difficult for students to comprehend all of it. That’s why, if you still need help, try contacting UK Essay Writers for assistance.

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