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How to Write Your Dissertation the Right Way: Do’s and Don’ts

Your dissertation is the zenith of your academic life. It is the essence of years of research and hard work, compiled in a lengthy document. However, the importance of a dissertation is much more than just a compulsion to complete your degree. You need a lot of study and research to be able to write a successful dissertation. Your dissertation also sets the course for your future professional life. Therefore, you must pay attention to your dissertation writing to be successful in the present and the future.

In this blog, you will learn how to write your dissertation the right way: do’s and don’ts.

Dissertation Writing Tips

Writing a dissertation requires a lot of care and detail. Writing your dissertation doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting task. If you take care of certain aspects of dissertation writing, you can easily write your dissertation and get a good grade at it.

Here are a few things you must do when writing a dissertation.

Do’s of Writing a Dissertation

1. Conduct Detailed Research

Research is the first step of writing a quality thesis. Writing your thesis comes way after you have conducted thorough research on the topic. Not researching enough on the topic will only leave you confused and perplexed when you sit down to write your document. A dissertation requires ample information on the topic that can only be obtained with deep research. Take time to research. Use all sources available to you. Go to libraries and read books on the topic. Search for any relevant information online you can find in research journals and papers. This will help you prepare for your dissertation writing and will save you a lot of time and trouble later.

2. Describe Methodology in Detail

A dissertation has many sections, and methodology is one of the most important of these. The methodology chapter of your dissertation defines your chosen method of research and the reasons you have chosen this method. When writing your methodology chapter, make sure you give enough reasons why this methodology was the best option for you. In addition to the research methodology, you must clearly state the methods you used for data collection. This will allow readers to get a clear idea about your research methods and the expected outcomes. You can get dissertation help in the UK if you are not sure how to write this section.

3. Get Expert Help

Not everyone is an expert in dissertation writing. In fact, most students struggle with these kinds of lengthy and detailed writings. Some of them might struggle with the literature review, while others find it difficult to write the conclusion section of their dissertation. Some students are great at using statistical tools, while others may struggle with the same.

Therefore, asking for expert help is a great option. There are various dissertation writing services offering dissertation help to students in need. They can provide you with literature review writing help in dissertation or any other section you are struggling with. You can also find experts who can write your entire dissertation for you.

4. Proofread As Much As Possible

We understand how frustrating it is to go over your dissertation again and again. You have already spent so much time researching and writing the dissertation. Now going over it again for editing and formatting seems like too much work. However, it is very important to proofread your document before submitting it to your advisor.

Proofreading your dissertation will save you a lot of trouble. Your advisor will never accept a poorly written document. They will outright reject it, and you will need to revise it later. Therefore, you should proofread it beforehand and save yourself all this extra time and trouble. You will be able to eliminate writing and factual errors you may have missed while writing.

5. Get Regular Feedback

Don’t wait for the dissertation to be completed before sending it to your advisor. It is best to get regular feedback from them and make amendments right away. It also keeps you on track and prevents you from getting stuck on a specific section. In addition to your advisors, you should also ask your friends, family, and colleagues to read your dissertation and give you feedback on your writing. It will help you eliminate errors and also get a fresh perspective you can use in the dissertation.

6. Write the Introduction at the End

Most students make the mistake of writing the dissertation introduction at the beginning. While the introduction section comes at the beginning of the dissertation, it should be written at the end. You will be stuck in this section for a long time if you write it first. You will need to come back to it time and again to make amendments to it as you work on different arguments in your dissertation. Therefore, you should write this section at the end, so you don’t have to rework it.

Don’ts of Writing a Dissertation

Here are the five things you should try to avoid when writing a dissertation:

1. Don’t Repeat the Content

Your dissertation is probably the lengthiest document you will write in your academic life. Due to its length, many students end up repeating themselves during different sections of the document. Content repetition may make your dissertation long, but the reader will find it too frustrating to read the same information again and again. If you plan well for your dissertation and conduct separate planning for each section, this mistake can easily be avoided.

2. Don’t Add Unnecessary Figures

While adding figures to your dissertation is generally appreciated, you should avoid overdoing it. Also, try to limit adding figures to specific sections, such as the findings and analysis. Don’t try to force figures in sections where they are not needed, such as in the introduction or the methodology. Make sure you number all the figures you include in the dissertation and also add their sources in the references section.

3. Don’t Use Multiple or Fancy Fonts

Your entire dissertation should be written in a single font. Choose a professional font, and don’t go for something fancy. Times New Roman is the most used and accepted font when it comes to academic writing. You can also check with your advisor and ask them if you should use any specific font for your work. Using multiple fonts is discouraged as it looks unprofessional and doesn’t look very pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, stick to a single professional font for your dissertation work.

4. Don’t Forget to Format

Formatting your dissertation is also very important. There are multiple academic referencing styles one can choose for their dissertation. However, in most cases, the institution chooses the formatting style, and you need to follow it throughout the document. Make sure you only use a single referencing and in-text citation format in your dissertation. It should be uniform throughout the document.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

Writing a dissertation is not the only academic obligation you need to complete when you are pursuing a degree. Many students leave dissertation writing as the last thing to do in their academic timetable. This is not a great idea. Dissertation writing is not something you can complete in a couple of nights. It is a lengthy process and takes a lot of time. Therefore, don’t leave it for the end. Try to work on it throughout the academic year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to focus on writing a dissertation?

Dissertation writing requires you to have a proper routine and schedule. Decide a time of the day which you will dedicate to dissertation writing only. Use this time to research and write. This will help you stay focused and committed to your work.

If I follow these tips, will I get good grades?

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