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Scholarship Essay: Essay on Why Am I Deserving of a Scholarship

Given any point of view, it becomes relatively difficult for individuals to speak or write about their personal experiences, their personal ambitions, and their nurtured dreams, as it is a very personal part of them, which they have sought to achieve for the longest time. A befitting essay needs to comprise of an appreciative, humble and grounded sentiment, as students certainly wouldn’t want to sound too needy or too greedy.

Therefore, if you’re struggling to put words to your thoughts or if you’re grappling with being objective in the manner in which you articulate your thoughts. Then, read through the below-mentioned directives, to understand how to write out your scholarship essay better.

Make A List:

Before starting the writing process, remember to make a list and jot down each accomplishment you have ever achieved into the list, as forgetting details during the writing process is possible. So be it the smallest accomplishment, make a note of it, as this shall allow you to make connections within the narrative.

Explain How The Money Facilitates Your Ambitions:

Any academic institution essentially wishes to gain a window into your personality, your personal experiences, and your eventual long-term goals. The committee is investing in your education. Therefore, it becomes imperative for them to assess whether they are investing in a worthwhile cause. Owing to this reason, it is necessary for the student to explain how their education is going to pave the pathway for their career, their professional prospects and how it is going to provide them with the skillset required to map their goals.

Purpose Of The Scholarship:

Students need to understand, and they need to represent their understanding in their writing that they are clearly aware of where the scholarship originates from and what it essentially is for. By refining and tailoring your scholarship essay, the review committee understands how well you have understood the whole process and how keenly interested you are in your academics.

Build Your Strengths:

While it is important to stay humble and not sound too boastful, it, however, isn’t recommended for students not to discuss their strengths to any degree, as this downplays their abilities. Thus, talk about your accolades, your accomplishments, your personality strengths, your ability to value the resources at your disposal and your ability to constantly push for achieving success. Once the committee notices your drive and passion, they are then likely to see how the opportunity of investing in you is a rather favourable option.


Scholarship committee members read through several essays. Therefore, they typically tend to look for options that stand out and grab their attention. Hence, make it a point to interlace a factor of surprise and intrigue in your narrative, talk about someone who has greatly motivated and influenced you or talk about a moment when you experienced a life-changing experience.

Stay Within The Parameters:

It is imperative for students to remember to keep their word count in check, as writing both below and above the limit is not recommended.

Don’t Waver:

No one likes reading a wobbly and shaky narrative, as it isn’t consistent and it lacks structure. Therefore, stay aligned with one point throughout the plot points, as the members certainly like seeing interest, passion and an urge to achieve the best one can possibly achieve.

Grammatical & Punctuation Errors:

A committee is likely to consider the student as an individual undeserving of the scholarship if they do a shoddy job in proofreading their work, as the paper is likely to be peppered with grammatical imperfections. For this reason, before turning in the paper, see to it that you remove all blemishes that can possibly weigh down the quality, as the key need is to create a document, which is representative of a student’s diligence, determination, and earnestness.

Overall, when it comes to writing out a scholarship essay. Then, students should centre their attention on displaying interest, as the mental investment of the individual is reflective in their writing.

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