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Ten ways to prevent yourself from being outcaste in college

Jackson believes himself as a student who nobody remembers, a student who disappears into the crowd or someone who doesn’t exist. He is someone who walks through the hallway all alone or usually sitting alone at the tables, a student that no one remembers.

Every now and then, people usually forget his name, even his teachers. They miss passing papers to him and he has to ask for them, and they say, “Oh sorry, didn’t see you there”. He thinks he has a power of invisibility, as he is right there in front of them, but they choose to ignore him anyway.

He feels like his existence doesn’t matter to anyone. No one acknowledges as he rammed into lockers while students transitioned from one class to another. He believes being outcast is not something to be proud of; he is all alone!

Being an outcast or socially inept in college is a really traumatising experience. An outcast student usually has a less productive and awful college experience, which they don’t even want to recall. They are usually seen running after group mates and strangers, asking them for a hangout or a mere friendship. As much we hate to say this, but they get bullied almost every day!

It’s very depressing when nobody wants to hang out with you or, simply sit or have lunch together. Your classmates are having their time of life, while you’re sitting observing them all alone. We are not saying that being all yourself is bad, but we need someone’s support or company to survive through tough times.

If you can relate to Jackson, then hang in there, you’ll definitely find a group that you can finally fit in (even if it takes ten gruelling and lonely months in college).

If you want to prevent yourself from being outcast, then this blog is for you! With the help of essay writing service UK, we present you the most effective anti-outcast strategy so that you don’t have to feel lonesome anymore. Scroll down and have a look at it.

1. Work yourself first!

As the quote goes, “anything that restricts you from achieving any goal or objective, is you!” You can be your greatest friend or your fierce enemy; there’s nothing in between! To achieve something, you need to change your perception and have faith in yourself. Love the way who you are and be confident!

If the world despises you and you have a clear conscience, emerge more robust and you will eventually find friends. The only thing that stands in your way is your very own “narrative” of how you think and define yourself with.

2. Know that all the world leaders and prominent personalities have been an outcast too!

We are living in a world where walking with a crowd or following a herd will never get you far; you need to have a different outlook to be stand out amongst all. The world has stopped glorifying normality as it is overrated! If you’re different in any way, embrace it!

If you don’t believe in it, then take a look at these personalities:

Einstein Newton, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump! What do they have in common? Fame and billion dollars in the bank account. This may surprise you, but they had a hard time fitting into their peers and friends while they were in college. So, if you’ve left all alone, then be it! Don’t run after friendships; you will get friends eventually.

3. Be a bit mature!

Mature could mean all kinds of things – like accepting reality, your outward appearances, how you react to failures, project yourself to other people and so on. It doesn’t mean to give in or fake out completely. It just means to tell the world around you that you care about yourself! If you don’t respect yourself, then nobody hardly will!

Start taking things seriously, act wisely and develop a sense of responsibility in you. Don’t seek approval from others or else you’ll end up losing people in the process. You have so much potential to be a good friend by being true to yourself. So, don’t limit yourself according to somebody else’s expectations. Listen to yourself, and eventually, everyone will listen to you!

4. Keep a hold onto your strengths!

Dive a bit deeper within yourself, explore your strengths and play with it! Your strengths can be your most powerful weapon to seize people’s hearts. If you’re good at studies or know how to play any musical instrument or anything- just get hold onto it! Your skills and abilities are the only things that set you apart from everyone else, so be unafraid and just express yourself! If it’s love and respect you want, then this is the right route to get to it.

When you express your true self and showcase your unique abilities, you will be able to stand firm against any demotivating thoughts and insecure eyes of your friends. If you value your talent and recognise your abilities, then nothing in this world can break you or elicit harm to you!

5. Focus on your aims and desires

Instead of focusing on how to get people’s approval, try turning your focus on the things you desire and want to achieve. There are so many things you would want to achieve like getting into a prestigious college, a good job, a place you would like to visit, a one-in-a-million opportunity and so on. If you focus more on your goals and objectives, then the people will regard you as a sincere and passionate person.

And everyone is drawn to this quality, right? If you keep following your passion, you’ll gain people’s respect and admiration along the process.


In the end, we would like to say that be comfortable in your skin! Stop living your life according to someone else’s expectations. If it takes to carve your way, then do it! Don’t let anyone dictate you how you should live! As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, dare to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”