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Writing 101: How to write a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essays do exactly what they say. They compare and contrast topics from various viewpoints, determining similarities and differences between the topics. Usually, the topics belong to the same category. For example, you will be asked to write a compare and contrast essay on two beverages or two tourist destinations in the same […]

Essay About Someone You Admire: The Teacher I Admire Most

Teachers play a pivotal role in nurturing an individual into becoming a great thinker and intellectual. The profession comes with the responsibility of raising an entire generation of people. Thus, their role in cultivating strong confidence, high self-esteem, and great comprehensive techniques is essential. To ensure that students grasp important skills crucial for them to […]

How To Write A Drama Essay?

Writing an essay is a boring job unless the essay belongs to the drama domain. In this type of essay, other than evaluating one’s grip on grammatical rules, creativity is also tested, which sets it apart from the other forms of essay writing. It requires the student to adopt a critical approach and analyse how […]

How to Write a Case Study: Guide for Freshmen

A case study is a research method which involves a descriptive and comprehensive examination of a particular subject. The pattern used to approach a solution is pretty much the same as employed by the essay writing services. This scheme of steps is simple and very effective to yield accurate solutions. The steps are: Sort The […]

What Response Essays Are And How To Tackle Them?

Writing a response essay can be a tough call since it requires a lot of thinking and hard work to process this task successfully. To get you started, a response essay is an essay where you write your response about a certain article or publication. Your reactions can be: Agreement or disagreement with a certain […]