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Ten ways to prevent yourself from being outcaste in college

Jackson believes himself as a student who nobody remembers, a student who disappears into the crowd or someone who doesn’t exist. He is someone who walks through the hallway all alone or usually sitting alone at the tables, a student that no one remembers. Every now and then, people usually forget his name, even his […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Writing A Winning Welcome Speech Essay

The purpose of a welcome speech is to make the event memorable for the new students. The speech is a way to welcome the new arrivals and make them feel special. It holds a lot of meaning because it makes them feel warm and accepted, and heralds the start with a good atmosphere and feeling. […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Four Types Of Sentences

Language is a method of communicating your thoughts, opinions, and words to the other person. In your life, you will be communicating with different types of people, whether in the role of a teacher, mother, or an employer. You may be giving instructions, asking questions, or simply making a statement. But you will be required […]

Tell Your Story- How To Write An Autobiography With Helpful Examples

Does the idea of being forgotten after you leave the world, bother you? If yes, then writing an autobiography is your solution. One way of always being remembered in the world is to leave a piece of writing behind to ensure that your family and friends remember you when you’re gone.   A common misconception […]

How To Write An Objective Synthesis?

Presenting a synthesis is all about collecting information from various mediums and putting it together as one cohesive account. Thus, a synthesis writing having a main focal point can be made part of an essay, dissertation, and other forms of writing. To understand the concept of synthesis writing, consider the guide provided below: Know Your […]