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Essay About Someone You Admire: The Teacher I Admire Most

Teachers play a pivotal role in nurturing an individual into becoming a great thinker and intellectual. The profession comes with the responsibility of raising an entire generation of people. Thus, their role in cultivating strong confidence, high self-esteem, and great comprehensive techniques is essential. To ensure that students grasp important skills crucial for them to take initiatives and build a promising future, teachers have to go an extra mile.

A great teacher can turn a below-average student into an exceptional one and empower them to find courage and motivation within themselves to improve academically. This characteristic is built with experience. Although the school has a potent role in helping the teacher reach his or her full potential, it finally boils down to the individual’s potential. Considering the significance of the role teachers play in a student’s life, several countries have established a policy to have them renew their teaching license every few years as that will ensure that they stay up to date with the current and relevant knowledge.

Hence, the characteristics and traits of an effective teacher are discussed below in detail.

They know how to reduce tension in the classroom

There are two types of teachers in the world; the ones who increase the tension in the atmosphere as soon as they enter the classroom and the ones who reduce it. Thus, a brilliant teacher is the one who will instantly brighten up the room they walk in. Call it part of their persona, but students find them highly approachable and easy to communicate to. This way, if they have any concerns, they find it comparatively convenient to open up. Major bouts of catharsis happen in their classes.

They use varied methods of instructional techniques

If a teacher continues to use the same measures and methods of teaching, the students might get bored and sleepy in the classroom setting. The key is to constantly reinvent the teaching and instructional style to bring excitement and newness in class. This way it will be easier to grab the attention of the students and make them take interest without having to force them to do so unnecessarily.

They provide clear instructions regarding the assignments

We’ve all had teachers who would provide one line instructions about the assignment without going into further detail that leaves the students in confusion and prolonged hours of stress and tension. Due to their inability to convey effectively, students suffer academically. Thus, a great teacher would ensure that every student is aware of the topic and the intricacies involved in writing that assignment.

They draw references and examples from daily life.

Learning becomes easier if the examples and references are drawn out from real-life incidents. By using this technique, the students can easily comprehend difficult concepts and constructs instead of spending hours on just trying to get the hang of it. Furthermore, the one quality that is found in every effective teacher is that they have an example or analogy for everything. This makes their lectures even more interesting to attend.

They provide immediate feedback to students

Once the examinations end, students are preoccupied with the worry about their grades and marks. They want to see their marks as soon as possible. This is when some teachers fail to meet expectations. Teachers must return the checked papers in the next class without coming with excuses like how they didn’t get any time to check them. Immediate feedback and constructive criticism are important for learning otherwise the student becomes fatigued and tired of waiting and eventually loses attachment with the subject.

They have a sense of humour

Who says teachers are boring? On the contrary, an effective teacher is humorous and have stories to tell. They drive lessons from daily instances and apply them in their teaching. They ensure that no matter how dry a subject might be, students should find it. Humour is known to be a great teacher anyway.

They keep the communication open for parents

If a student exhibits signs of behavioural problems, a professional teacher will give special attention to him. Hence, in an ideal world, when a student doesn’t pay attention in class, instead of taunting or punishing them, the teacher would sit down with him after class. They would find a solution and discuss it with the parent. If the parent does not know the child’s behavioural issues, they will blame it on the teacher. This is why it is important not to keep them in the dark.

They enjoy teaching

For these great individuals, teaching is an art form and a passion from which they drive their happiness. They enjoy giving lectures, discussing and having intellectual debates with their students, and helping them become a better version of themselves. In addition to this, they learn from the students, which makes them less egotistical and self-absorbed.

They keep up to date with modern and current knowledge

The most important trait of a great teacher is the fact that they are completely aware of modern knowledge. This is because they don’t assume that they’re better than the students just because now they are in the position of power. Even as a teacher, their pursuit of learning continues. Thus, they read current researches and maintain organised lectures.

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