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International Students Keep London Alive

Thinking of applying to a university in London so that they can enroll in one of the best higher education degree programs, often seems like a dream to most students. Not only that, most of the international students living this dream feel that studying in London is one hope that they can never expect to […]

Global Trends in Students’ Social Media Usage

It is almost a given, when any parent or adult sees a child, a student going to any educational institution that is and not necessarily a five years old, with a smartphone in their hand, they will feel a wave of ‘righteous indignation’ and insist that the smartphone user is doing nothing except wasting precious […]

Student’s Subject Choice & Recession

The economy is a tricky and unreliable facet surrounding our lives. There are always looming signs which can predict a recession, however, it is quite true that even economists cannot predict an imminent recession. Nevertheless, they are ever present to evaluate and assess why exactly a recession occurred, they are ever ready to figure out […]