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Ten Ways to Write Good Thesis Statements

Thesis statements are important. They are not taken as important because they are so specific. You will be told there are too many things to be followed in making a good thesis statement. And then you will try and try and still your instructor will find some fault in the thesis statement you produced. And this is disheartening, isn’t it? You think that may be one sentence, that is hard to nail down anyways is not important. Don’t think like that. Let us help you make a thesis statement that your instructor will enjoy immensely.

Following are some tips to help you get there.

  1. Cross- examination: A good thesis statements can be argued. If it is open to three different kinds of counter arguments then it’s too vague. You have to narrow your thesis statements that are specific enough that only one argument is open. But they can’t be so specific that no argument is open. Otherwise, the thesis statement is not a launching pad for your research. Instead it’s just a way to state your explanation of the topic.
  2. Specificity: A good thesis statement is clear. It’s going to mention its main topic and all the key phrases that are to be used clearly and precisely.
  3. Clarity: The beginning of a research paper is not the beginning of a mystery novel. Explain your field, your topic and your headings very clearly in the beginning and make sure to explain your stance in very specific terms. This is not the time to build suspense.
  4. Insight: A good thesis statement is insightful and will make your argument look interesting and thought provoking.
  5. Complexity: If it is too simple than it is not a thesis statement. It has to have depth and complexity for you to find enough breadth to have space to write.
  6. Write separately: Write your thesis statement separately on a piece of paper. This way, you will know if your thesis statement is clear and well defined all on its own.
  7. One Sentence: It’s just one sentence, not one paragraph. If a thesis statement is half a page long, it’s everything other than a thesis statement. So it has to be one sentence, no matter how deep or complicated it may be.
  8. Introduction: The thesis statement is always there in the first paragraph. So you have to find a place for it in the first paragraph. You can’t write it in the end of a two page introduction. I t has to be placed in the first paragraph.
  9. Background: Backgrounds are a good way to build up to your thesis statement.
  10. Paragraphs alignment: First line of each paragraph is supposed to connect to the thesis statement.

These are our basic ideas on how to handle your thesis statement. If your thesis statement is not going to hold up to its promise of an awesome paper, then your instructor is going to be disappointed. So no cringing away from thesis statements. They are good, make them wisely. UK Essay Writers wish you best of luck in getting an A!