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Best Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

Every sort of writing demands a different sort of understanding and skillset, as the writer is supposed to mould their writing according to the contextual landscape of the essay. An argumentative essay, in particular, necessitates an individual to thoroughly investigate any given topic or subject matter, collect and gather evidence, and cement a certain vantage point pertaining to the matter at hand. During the course of the narrative, the writer is required to display the best of their abilities and is required to utilise linguistic ploys effectively.

While it is completely upon the writer as to how they plan to navigate through the labyrinth of the narrative, it is however recommended for the writer to keep the narrative balanced, as the nuance of biasness weighs down the plot points. Nevertheless, in order to convey the writer’s worldview to the reader, the writer needs to eventually postulate their fixated thought process regarding an issue in their conclusion. The overall idea is to present a world to the reader, which can serve the purpose of influencing and persuading their viewpoint, as throughout the course of the narrative the writer strives to tactfully sway the attention of the reader to the point, which the writer relates with.

The writer’s masterstroke comes to complete display once they effectually utilise research, statistics, and figures to tie up the narrative and push forward their notion. Through an argumentative essay, the writer gets the opportunity to resourcefully use their researching capabilities, as an argumentative piece requires good researching skills.

So follow through to gain ideas for your argumentative essay topics, as it is quite understandable for students to suffer from a mental block, exhausted creative capacity or completely diminished motivational quotient.

Topics on Technology & Social Media:

  • Does Social Media Do More Good Than Harm?
  • Are The Web Filters Utilised By Academic Institutions Too Limiting?
  • Does Technology Distract The Human Race To An Extreme Level?
  • Are Apps of Any Use Or Do They Distract Us?
  • Does The Current Generation Spend Too Much Time On The Internet?
  • Is The Internet Any Good For The Human Race?
  • Is Facebook Fast Losing Its Edge?
  • Is Technology Isolating Us?
  • Is Technology The Way Forward For Academia?
  • What Significance Will Robots Holds In Our Future?
  • Should Computers Be Utilised For Classroom Instructions?
  • Should Companies Be Allowed To Collect Our Personal Information?
  • Is Online Learning Any Good?
  • Is Social Media A Leading Cause Of Mental Diseases?

Topics on Education:

  • Is Cheating Becoming A Common Phenomenon?
  • Should Drug Testing Become Mandatory For Schools?
  • Do We Spend An Excessive Amount Of Time Preparing For Standardised Tests?
  • Are Children Learning Something Worthwhile At School?
  • Are School Timings Too Short For Learning Anything?
  • The Importance of Arts Education in This Day & Age?
  • Is Bullying Becoming A Growing Problem In Schools?
  • Do Group Studies Help In The Learning Process?
  • Is The Criteria For Awarding Scholarships Right?
  • Does The Ranking Of A University Matter?
  • Should Engineers Pay Less Tuition Fees?

Topics on Health & Fitness:

  • Is Male Circumcision An Ethical Practise?
  • Why Does Everyone Avoid Seeing The Doctor?
  • Should Healthcare Be Considered A Mandatory Need?
  • What Is The Real Cost Of Medical Assistance And Why Are Medicines So Expensive?
  • Is Female Circumcision An Ethical Practise?
  • Are Doctors Exploiting Their Patients For Financial Gains?
  • Should Mental Health Counselling Be Attached With Schools?
  • Should Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Should People Stay In Their Country For Medical Assistance?
  • Why Do People Go Aboard For Medical Assistance?

Topics on Media & Arts:

  • Is Pop Culture Too White?
  • Can Video Games Breed Violent Behaviour?
  • What Entails A Good Commercial?
  • Does Pop Culture Entail Any Significance?
  • Does TV Capture The Diversity In The World?
  • Should Small Kids Be Allowed To Play With Guns?
  • Who Should Win A Pulitzer Prize?
  • Can TV Influence Our Behaviour?

In a nutshell, when it comes to argumentative writing, then the writer should focus on being resolute in their approach, as the reader likes seeing stability in the narrative.