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Top 100+ Unique Topics For Informative Speech

Sweaty palms, jittery legs and a racing heart, these are the conditions you face when you have to deliver an impromptu speech in front of an audience. You receive the topic ten minutes before they call your name and ask you to impress the crowd with your knowledge and power to convince.

All the facts are jumbled up in your mind, and you need time to form a coherent sentence. During this, you wonder how natural the speech would be if only you had researched this topic before. Well, you do not need to worry because we have compiled a list of all the informative speech topics that are likely to show up in a competition, so prepare your points and leave your imprint on the crowd confidently.

Should students pursue art as a profession?
How much scope does painting have?
Should music and dance become regular parts of the academic curriculum?
Should technology replace traditional textbooks in the classroom?
Should advertisements that promote negative body image be banned?

Does music have a more significant impact on human minds than medicine?
Should cafes in school have any sugary items?
Do girls thrive better in segregated schools?
How important is technical education in schools?
Do older teachers have the same impact as younger ones?

Should students be marked on discipline?
Should children be taught all religions at primary level?
Has creativity vanished from schools?
Is there a need for bullies to make public apologies?
Should children be taught more than one language?

Should male staff face heavy scrutiny before they are allowed near children?
How many exams should students have in a year?
What would be the impact of introducing different cultural programmes in schools?
What makes students smarter, internet or books?
Should comic books be banned in school?

Should schools also test children’s skills in second languages?
Is there a need for psychological screening before students go to college?
Should the business world have any say in the education system?
How effective are animal protection laws?
Is there a need to save sea animals?

Should pets be introduced to a vegetarian diet?
What caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
Can non-venomous snakes be kept as pets?
Are zoos taking care of the psychological health of animals?
Do humans care more about palm oil or orang-utans?

Should spiders be killed?
Should hunting be banned?
Do fishes thrive better in aquariums or the sea?
Are bugs helpful in maintaining the ecological cycle?
Should animal programs be introduced in schools?

How effective is animal dissection, and should it be stopped?
Should the government take special measures to protect jungles in Africa?
How important is trusting instincts for business?
Should globalisation be promoted?
How do you know your company promotes career growth?

Should internships be unpaid?
The role of leadership in any business
How to deal with negative reviews in business?
Should the rules for every employee in the company be the same?
Is it time to introduce performance-based salaries?

The key differences between unionising and lobbying
Should you be afraid of your business competitors?
Should you have surveys to check customer reviews?
How important is it to develop your passion into a business?
The role of location in any business.

Has social media presence become the most important thing in marketing today?
Can supply and demand laws be altered?
Can the balance of payment ever be achieved?
The relation between portfolio theorem and efficient markets.
How important is environmental economics today?

Have we recovered from the consequences of World War 2?
Why is dollar the global currency?
How to remove the economic disbalance in a country?
Does the country’s economy influence other organisations?
Is the first world country mafia authentic?

How can small-scale companies thrive today?
Is ozone depletion an urgent problem?
Has recycling proved to be an effective garbage control method?
Are green jobs really environment-friendly?
Should construction plans include an environment section?

Are there positive impacts of a natural disaster?
Is the animal extinction warning of 2060 accurate?
How much time should a family spend together?
Should parents have a say in the schedule of teenagers?
Should parents smoke in front of their children?

How to teach empathy to your kids?
Parents need to talk about sexual abuse with their children.
Are siblings really our best friends?
How to deal with your children if they’re bullying someone?
Parents should teach children about emotional abuse

Is the middle child always ignored?
Effective ways to teach your child about hygiene
How much freedom should parents allow their teens?
When should parents include children in household chores?
Should parents encourage their kids to go outdoors?

How to ensure that parents also respect kids?
The role of sleep in a healthy, functioning mind.
Should we reduce meat consumption after 30?
Should advertisements for drugs be banned?
Why is healthy food so expensive?

How can we prevent infectious diseases?
Does physical intimacy generate healthy hormones?
Should organ donations be encouraged?
Should we take pills for sleeping?
Is tea more healthy than coffee?

Is birth control healthy?
How to reduce memory loss?
Can alcohol be consumed regularly without risking health?
How to educate society about obesity?
How to deal with mental illnesses?

How to remove the stigma around teenage pregnancy?
Why do developed countries resent immigration?
Is Gandhi a positive figure?
Why was John F. Kennedy’s past so scandalous?
What was the fire at the Yellowstone national park?

Is there any evidence of evolution in history?
The point in history where all religions went their separate ways
Should British museums be sued for stealing artefacts?
How do we know religious relics are authentic?
What was the Columbine massacre?

Does false news have an impact on elections?
The freedom of speech and media
Should you disclose important information on social media?
Does the media really operate independently?
Why do some countries favour censorship?

So these are some of the unique and informative ideas that you can use to increase your knowledge and ensure that you are never nervous in any competition!




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