What Response Essays Are And How To Tackle Them?

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What Response Essays Are And How To Tackle Them?

Writing a response essay can be a tough call since it requires a lot of thinking and hard work to process this task successfully. To get you started, a response essay is an essay where you write your response about a certain article or publication. Your reactions can be:

  • Agreement or disagreement with a certain part of the content.
  • An analysis of the writing piece or the author.
  • Correlation of certain text with your personal experience.
  • Comment on the effectiveness or authenticity of the fact presented in the text.

For example, you can write a response essay on the effectiveness of a dissertation writing help service or you can write how they stated something relevant to a personal experience of yours etc.

A simple guide to craft a professional essay is sketched below:

Work on Your Introduction: The introduction is like the front face of your essay, therefore, don’t leave any loopholes that may want the reader to discontinue further with your response essay. Your introduction should cater to the following:

  • Open the sentence on an interesting note.
  • Grasp the attention of the reader.
  • State the thesis statement.
  • Include the author or editorial reference you are responding to.
  • Brief and concise in nature.

To make your content catchy and attention seeking, you can start your opening sentence with an interesting question, recently found statistics or by adopting the story-telling style.

It is probable that the article you are responding, maybe detailed in nature and your response essay may contain only a few abstracts of the said article. Make sure that you mention this in your introduction essay so that your audience know what exactly your course of the essay will be.

Fabricate a Strong Thesis: Your thesis should convey the main theme you are going to follow in your essay. Make sure to make it impactful enough to hit all the right strings of the audience’s mind.

Ensure, that your thesis is provable and that there is numerous evidence available to back up on this response of yours. Try not to impose any stance and agree or disagree with the certain article’s content, by stating what exactly is stated there and if you agree with it or not.

Let the Main Body Voice Your Response: The main body should shed the significant light on the thesis statement and should:

  • Give arguments in support of the article or refute it if you disagree with the content of the article.
  • Use valuable references such as the recent surveys, latest research or an evident fact available to back your thesis statement.
  • Incorporate logic and reason to connect jots between different points.

The main body should be complete and concise to depict your course of action; it should not be vaguely written or loosely phrased so that the audience perceives the exact you want them to.

Craft an Impactful Conclusion: Your conclusion should sum up the entire essay into a few lines that depict:

  • The crux of the entire essay.
  • Restates the thesis statement.
  • A strong thought-provoking concept.

By using the above-stated format, you can easily tackle any response essay that comes your way. It is said that the practice makes the man perfect, so grab your writing tools today and embark on this exceptional journey of writing. Best of luck!

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